Stone bathrooms, tiles, tiles and sinks.

Interior or dream?

In this part, we want to share with you wonderful inspirations for your kitchen, bathroom, stairs or commercial space. Marble, granite, or quartzite can turn you a dream come true.

White marble bathrooms

Marble bathrooms or their accessories are increasingly becoming part of modern homes. In addition to the very pleasant visual experience that marble bathrooms and accessories provide, marble is an easy-to-maintain material that is especially appreciated by tender halves. In the photo gallery, we have prepared for you a few photos of various installations that really interested us. What do you say you like?

Black & white bathroom made of natural stone

It would probably be difficult to find a more pronounced contrast than the combination of black and white. This combination is the pinnacle of aesthetics for some people, but are there also people who are uncomfortable with this combination? What type are you? Do you like the combination of the most contrasting colors? In the gallery below, we have prepared some beautiful bathroom realizations in the style of black & white. Did you find yours in them?

6 bathroom interiors that you must see

We have prepared 6 bathroom interiors for you, for which even Hollywood stars would not be ashamed.

Washbasins and stone

Are you looking for a new kitchen or bathroom sink? There are several types of washbasins on the market, such as granite, porcelain, stainless steel and glass, or we can even make a custom-made washbasin from granite or marble. All the mentioned washbasins stand out nicely in combination with granite or marble countertops or interior tiling. We offer you several inspirations in various designs.

Harmony of the interior

The original and sympathetically furnished interior proves that high-quality modern stone with the “old” does not hurt.

Our work

In this section, we want to share our recent work. Unfortunately, not all of us were able to take pictures. We promise to improve and gradually add more photos of amazing granite and marble works.