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Sinks mounted from the top or from the bottom?

We recently wrote on the topic of planning a practical kitchen on our blog, today we will advise you on the sink.

Today’s world of kitchen sinks already offers us more types of sinks than in the past, but most often we encounter two types, namely sinks mounted from the top and sinks mounted from the bottom of the granite worktop.

Bottom-mounted sinks were rarely used in kitchens because they initially far outnumbered their predecessors. At present, the prices of both are more or less balanced, so let’s take a closer look at their comparison, advantages and disadvantages of their installation.

Marble mining – video

Marble is a material of various uses. It is used as a material by builders or sculptors. Marble is mined in huge quarries, where miners cut several tons of prisms, which are then cut into smaller pieces. These smaller parts can then be processed in stoneworks around the world. Watch a video that will show you the extraction of this beautiful natural material.

White marble bathrooms

Marble bathrooms or their accessories are increasingly becoming part of modern homes. In addition to the very pleasant visual experience that marble bathrooms and accessories provide, marble is an easy-to-maintain material that is especially appreciated by tender halves. In the photo gallery, we have prepared for you a few photos of various installations that really interested us. What do you say you like?

Black & white bathroom made of natural stone

It would probably be difficult to find a more pronounced contrast than the combination of black and white. This combination is the pinnacle of aesthetics for some people, but are there also people who are uncomfortable with this combination? What type are you? Do you like the combination of the most contrasting colors? In the gallery below, we have prepared some beautiful bathroom realizations in the style of black & white. Did you find yours in them?

Dark elegance in the kitchen

Not so long ago, in the article we have a natural stone in the kitchen – light shades brought some inspiration on how to use light shades of marble and granite in the kitchen. Today we have prepared a compilation of photos of dark kitchen interiors for you. Which do you like more? Light or dark?