What could be more elegant and original in the kitchen than a granite countertop? Not only the appearance of the kitchen, but especially the features of the kitchen countertop should be important to us. When working in the kitchen on a granite countertop, you will appreciate its hardness, heat resistance and practically zero porosity. You can place hot baking tray on the granite countertop without fear and you don’t have to worry about it being damaged. Granite is waterproof, it will not start to swell like ordinary wood base countertops. With a use of proper impregnator, it becomes non porous and hygienically suitable for immediate work with food. Granite countertops are also a common part of the gastronomic and medical industries and are increasingly becoming the standard in the home environment. We offer affordable materials for the general public and we will satisfy even the most demanding clients with a large selection of materials from our stock.