In order for your kitchen to be not only beautiful but also practical, it is necessary to follow a few essential steps when planning it.
Architectural specifications, such as size and layout, are the basis of any kitchen’s planning.
The optimal layout of the kitchen depends on the size of the room, as well as the ergonomic order of the three main kitchen zones: sink, stove and refrigerator.

We most often encounter 5 types of kitchens, which can be designed as needed: kitchens on one wall, kitchens on two walls opposite each other, kitchens with an island, kitchens in the shape of “L” and kitchens in the shape of “U”
– The height of the worktop should be designed for the person who is most active in the kitchen.
– The working height of the hob should be 15 cm below the elbow, 20 cm below the elbow for the stove and 10 cm below the elbow for the sink.
It is still not possible to follow the rule, but in the end it is you who will eventually say to yourself: “I have often had my back when washing dishes, so this height is most important to me”.

I recommend two heights by the kitchen with an island. If you have a sink on the island, plan your island 5-8 cm higher
– The upper cabinets are usually mounted at a height of 50-60 cm cm above the work surface.
It’s worth thinking about storage space and planning it in time to avoid annoying mistakes.
– Make sure you have enough space for kitchen appliances and accessories.
If you can’t imagine how the color of the cabinets will fit the floor and the worktop, help our online visualizer.

In the end, many kitchen studios or constellations will help you, where they will be happy to help you plan your kitchen and create a 3D visualization. Just come up with a list of your needs and ideas 🙂